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A monthly subscription gives you unlimited access to our entire growing collection of on-demand classes 24/7. Practice on your schedule - anytime, anyplace, from any device. Cancel anytime.

$40 / month
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Access a Video for 48 Hours

Not yet ready to subscribe? Rent individual titles for 48 hours. From our Video Library, click on a video and select the "rent" option. For help choosing a video, see Which Practice We Recommend For You.

$3-10 / per video
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Virtual Private Sessions

We offer private 1-on-1 instruction for individuals and small groups seeking personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs. Sessions are available virtually through a number of live video platforms.

$75 / per hourBook a Session

Choosing a Class Style

We have many different videos to choose from and want to help you pick the ones that are the best for you. The right practice will be beneficial for you while the wrong  practices can be long-term counterproductive. Explore these guidelines to get started, and feel welcome to contact us with additional questions.
Which Yoga Practice Do You Recommend For Me Today?

Setting Up Your Home Practice

Check out our recommendations for setting up a successful home practice -
including how you can use common household items as substitutes for any prop.
Home Practice Checklist

Give the Gift of Virtual Yoga

Send someone a gift card to be used on our virtual studio,
so they can experience the benefits of Yoga & Meditation from wherever they are!
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