Home Practice Checklist

For a higher potential of success in your practice, we recommend 1) Choosing a practice based on your needs (see Which Yoga Practice Do You Recommend For Me Today), 2) Eliminating as many unnecessary distractions as reasonably possible from your environment and 3) Gathering any props (or substitutes) you might need before you begin.

    Common props and suggested substitutes:

    Yoga Mat
    Substitutes: Depending on the type of floor and type of practice, you may not need a substitute for a Yoga mat. The floor may be fine as is. For seated and reclined/supine postures, blankets or towels can be used under the body for extra cushioning.
    Yoga Blocks
    Substitutes: Depending on how the blocks are used, you may use sturdy cushions or pillows, books or soup cans as substitutes.
    Yoga Strap
    Substitutes: Good substitutes for a Yoga strap are a necktie, scarf, robe belt or other belt.
    Yoga Blanket
    Substitutes: Good substitutes include a blanket, towel, pillow or cushion.
    Wall Space
    Substitutes: If you don’t have wall space available, you might use the back of a closed door, sliding glass doors, one side of your refrigerator or the back of a tall sofa.
    Writing Tool
    Something to take notes with.